July 3rd 2020

The Green Millennial Takes on
Plastic Free July

Recently, we spoke to Amy from The Green Millennial prior to taking on her first ever Plastic Free July!

1. Who are you?
Hi there! My name is Amy Lewis and I am the founder + creator of The Green Millennial — an independent publication celebrating eco-friendly living and beautiful design. When I’m not working on the magazine, you can find me working as a freelance Graphic Designer, drinking chai lattes, sewing my own clothes and snuggling my cute dog Skittles.

2. Why do you want to take part in Plastic Free July?
I’ve been following the Plastic Free July movement for a couple of years now, but honestly have not been brave enough to try it myself! I always thought it would be too hard and that I would not go very well, but I’ve come to realise that it’s not about how well you do, it’s the fact that you tried and gave it a go. Making an eco-friendly magazine also puts a bit of pressure on you to practice what you preach. 

3. What do you think the hardest thing to give up will be?
I am a snacker, I’m always hungry! A lot of the things I snack on (shout out to salt and vinegar chips and chocolate) are wrapped in plastic, so I’m trying to find plastic-free alternatives! Overall, I believe I live a pretty plastic-free life, however the kitchen is where I struggle most. It’ll be tricky buying food that’s not wrapped in plastic, especially since I don’t really live close to a wholefood bulk store. 

4. What made you choose the kitchen products you chose?
Firstly, I want to thank The Conscious Exchange for gifting me beautiful products to use for Plastic Free July! When looking for plastic-free kitchen tools, I looked for things that were biodegradable/compostable and could be used for a lifetime. I love how things such as biodegradable cloths can be washed over and over and when they’re at the end of their life, can go back into the earth. Likewise, a dish brush where you could replace the head component when it’s old is a great example of not always needing to buy brand new items.

Good luck Amy, we can not wait to follow along with your journey!

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