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Shop THEIR wardrobe - Amelia Hancock of Artefact

Any Newcastle girly knows, Amelia of Artefact (Formally Made by A) has one of the best wardrobes in the Hunter. That's why when Amelia messaged us to book in for an exchange, we knew we needed to hit her up to see if she would like to do a special pop up rack so we could shop her entire wardrobe in store and lucky for us, she said yes!

Whilst we had her, we thought we'd ask her some questions we have be dying to know!

Amelia, firstly what 3 words would you use to describe your personal style? Black layers, blazers and gold jewellery.

Who or what has been influential to your personal style?

People watching! Whether it's at a cafe, market or just out and about I love seeing people how people style their pieces.

A customer popped into the store the other day with a knit mini skirt, oversized tee and sneakers and I'll definitely be recreating that outfit.

What's with all the black? (not hating because l don't wear colour either!) Manufacturing jewellery is a very messy job and I found that curating an all black wardrobe was the most sustainable option for me. I also love that everything is interchangeable and the decision of what to wear becomes a lot easier when everything in your wardrobe fits together.

What's on your Spring wardrobe wish list? Knit mini skirt. (To wear with the oversized tee and sneakers style notes from people watching ^)

Tell us your favourite memory with one of the pieces you are selling at The Conscious Exchange? The black Acne Studios button up holds a lot of beautiful memories, It was a gift to myself after a special business milestone.

Can you think of a unique way to wear one of the pieces you are selling at The Conscious Exchange? The Ader Error shirt is really fun. I'd love to see it styled with some contrasting patterns/colours - a really loud 'more is more' type of outfit.

Favourite piece that you brought in to sell and why? The Silk Laundry blazer would be my favorite. Anything silk (especially silk laundry) drapes so beautifully and I love that this piece can double as a dress with a slip or bike shorts underneath.

You say one of your ideologies for Artefact is objects made by human beings for other human beings to love and pass on. We feel the same about clothing we exchange at TCE. Do you have any tips for people wanting to exchange garments but are having a bit of emotional trouble doing so? (a certain dress being attached to memory etc) These garments holding memories is so beautiful, however if you find yourself not reaching for it it's time to create space for someone else to love it and create new memories in it.

Finally, who's wardrobe do you want to shop next? Laura Howard from Saint.

Shop THEIR wardrobe, with Amelia Hancock. Instore exclusively until the 1st of October

*Store credit can not be redeemed on shop HER wardrobe pieces

Shop Amelia's label Artefact

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