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Meet the Stylist - Joanne Gambale of Slogue

Our next Sip & Style has been set for the 15th of October at Momo Wholefood Cafe (get your ticket by clicking here if you haven't already)

This time we are bringing you a team of 3 amazing Stylists, one of which is sustainable stylist Joanne Gambale of Slogue. Joanne has previously worked with Vogue Living, News Corp & is now co host on her very own podcast Questioning Fashion. With a wealth of knowledge about sustainability & years of experience styling, we look forward to you all meeting Jo on the night! We curated some of the following questions from our instagram community to ask Jo and she answered them below.

Describe your personal style in 3 words?

Playful, Revolving, Extra

Tell us your first fashion/styling memory, that sparked your love/passion for what you do?

Visiting my first ever vintage store in Sheffield, England, with my mum around 1988. It ignited something in me. It sold really old clothes, the newest probably 1950s, and since I was already a fan of old black and white movies, it felt like I’d stepped into one of them, and I realised the power of clothes to transport and transform.

What does "Sustainable Fashion" mean to you?

A complete redesign of the entire industry is needed for fashion to become sustainable. But in the meantime, being sustainable in the way we fashion ourselves means avoiding buying into ‘new’ and ‘latest’, looking for answers in my wardrobe, rather than the shops, developing a style that transcends trends, and/or being savvy enough to rock those trends using vintage - trends are circular so we can beat the fashion system at its own game!!!

What's your wardrobes MVP?

Wide legged, high waisted Levi’s

- I own a few pairs of these, and they are also my MVP! - Emma

What's one "Styling" Rule you wish people would just forget about?

That there are colours that don’t work together. “Blue and green must never be seen”. Every base colour has thousands of variations and you can’t know how they will look together until you try them on. Some of the best combos are some of the most unexpected.

Some of our community are quite confident with they own sense of style, what do you think they will get out of this event?

We all need confidence in our style so sharing what works for us - guests as well as us ‘experts’ - will be mutually beneficial. Also, some of the ‘celebrity’ clients I’ve worked with for a one-off event are super confident with their personal style, yet still learn something new from our session together, because just playing around with clothes in an analytical way opens our minds to new ideas and possibilities, extending the life of our clothes.

What is the one piece of advice or encouragement you hope that our guests will leave this event with?

Never say never when trying new looks or combinations, to devote more time to the wardrobe they already own and to gain confidence in wearing unique clothes in their daily life.

Tickets are only on sale until the 2nd of October, so l suggest you nab yours quick! Here's the link again to claim your ticket! And thank you to everyone who has purchased so far, l can't wait to spend the night with you all!

- Emma

Haven't hear enough about Joanna visit here website here

or read her advice on Vogue:

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