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Read our full buying criteria below then book your exchange appointment!


We purchase your quality preloved & vintage garments in excellent condition paying close attention to current trends and sell-ability, as well as special requests from our conscious community of customers.

Don't be offended if we choose to not buy any of your garments, we simply have to choose what we believe will sell well in our store. 

Remove all clothing of hangers and shoes out of boxes and bring them to your appointment in a bag. 

(Click here for full list of brands we do/don't buy)

To keep it short, we prioritise the following when selecting what pieces to buy for our store: 

  • We Love natural fibres!- We love Cotton, Hemp, Linen, Wool, Bamboo & Silk etc

  • High quality items in excellent condition - We pass on items that dirty, stained or damaged!

  • Trending items that our customers have shown demand for - Items that are in style now, not from 5 years ago

  • Current season pieces - Items you can wear right now (Winter items in Winter, Summer items in Summer)

  • We DON'T buy fast fashion (We say no to brands like Shein, H & M, Zara etc)

  • We DON'T buy anything you have self cropped (unless it's hemmed we'd probably pass on your DIY projects)

  • We DON'T buy swimwear, active wear, sunglasses or office attire 

  • We DON'T buy damaged or dirty clothing

  • Size INCLUSIVE - Our criteria for selecting garments size 14 & above is more lenient see below for more info or dm us on IG

THANK YOU - We appreciate you bringing your garments in for our exchange! Please don't take offence if we pass on any of your items, in an ideal world we would LOVE to re-home all your pieces, However we have to be selective to maintain our quality standard plus we are still a small business so our budget is limited. 

brands we do buy

Below is list of brands you can expect to find in store and we love to purchase from you!

Tap to expand and review the full list, broken up into alphabetical order for your convenience...  

Adult brands we accept: A,B,C Aere, Aje, Afends, A Brand, Assembly Label, Alpha 60, Adidas, ACNE, AERE, Arthur, ACLER, Arnhem & Ausguste (Rayon Free pieces), Australia & American Made Bassike, Bec & Bridge, Baggu , By Billie, Boskemper, Blundstones, Band shirts (Vintage) Cue, Converse, Camilla & Marc, Country Road D,E,F Dion Lee, Daughter's of India & Doc Martins, Eccelestone the label, Everlane, Emma Mulholland on Holiday G,H,I Ganni, Good America, Golden the label, Goldie & Ace, & Gorman High Tea with Mrs Woo, Halle, Hansen & Gretel, Hazel & Folk J,K,L Jag, Kivari, Kinga Csilla, Kip & Co, Lee Mathews, Lullaby Club, Little Tienda, Lisa Says Gah, Levis, Lisa Ho (Vintage) & Lover M,N,O,P Matteau, Matin, Mahli the label, Vintage Miss Shop (Made in Australia) & Morrison NEUW Denim, Nice Martin, Nike, New Balance, Nature Baby, Nu Natives, New Zealand Made, Obus, Our Folk, Paloma Wool, Patagonia, Q, R, S Rollas, Reformation, Rue Stiic, Rove, Spell & The Gypsy (Rayon Free pieces), Shona Joy, Steele, Sir the label, Sovere, Suk, Soleil Soleil & St Agni, T,U,V Teva, Tigerlily (Rayon Free Pieces), Usa Made, Vans & Veju W,X,Y,Z Worn Store, Worrn, With Jean, Yeuz, Vagary the label, Yoli + Otis Zimmermann, Zulu & Zephyr & Zanerobe ​

Kids brands we accept: Billie,  Grown, Worrn, Our Folk, Kip & Co, Goldie & Ace.Vintage clothing from Oshkosh, Guess, Levi's, Ralph Lauren or Handmade piecesPlus every day practical brands like VANS, Converse & Blundstones shoes, Country Road

Accessories we accept: BClothing, Leather & Canvas Shoes, Hats, Leather Belts, Jewellery & Leather Bags.

brands we don't buy

The following are brands we don't buy and sell in store for one or more of the following reasons:


  • We believe they may promote fast fashion

  • They may claim to be "Green" brands but may actually be Green Washing 

  • They may not sell high quality durable prices 

  • We don't align in the ethics & morals behind these brands 

  • They may make styles that aren't particularly popular with our customers

Adult brands we DON'T accept: A,B,C Abercrombie & Fitch, Alannah Hill (Modern), Alive Girl, Alice & Eve, All About Eve, Anko, ASOS, Aldo, American Eagle, AS Colour, Avella & Atmos + Here, Ava & Ava EverBardot, Baby Berry, Black Friday, Basque, Blue Illusion, Bonds, BooHoo, Brown Sugar, Brunswick Garments & Billinni Calibre, COS, Colette Dinnigan, Caroline Morgan, Cheap Monday, Connor, Cooperative, Cotton On, Cider, Cheep, Chickabooti, Cecilie Copenhagen & Collusion, City Beach D,E,F Dazie, Decjuba, DeJour, Dorothy Perkins, Dotti & DazieEditors Market, Ellesse Factorie, Fashion Nova, Finders Keepers, The Fifth, The Fated, Forever New, French Connection, Friends of Couture & Modern Fila (Vintage Pre 2000's ok!) G,H,I,J Glamorous, Girl Expres, Guess (Vintage Guess is ok!), Globe & GlassonsH&M, Homebrands, Hollister, Hot OptionsIDs, IshkaJacqui-E, Jay Jays, Just Jeans, Jorge, Jeans West K,L,M Keepsake, Kookai, Kmart & Kathmandu, Katies, Ladakh, Life with Bird, Lioness, Lily Loves, LOGG, L & T (Luck + Trouble), Lulu & Rose, Luck & Trouble & LowesMango or MNG, Miracle, Marks & Spencer, Maxx, Metalicus, Michael Kors, Millers, Mink Pink, Miss Shop *Vintage made in Australia okay!* Mix, Mooks, Mossimo, N,O,P Next, NOW Old Navy, Oxford, OyshoPiper, Portmans, Princess Polly, Papermayo, Piper, People Vs, Privilege & Perfect Stranger Q, R,S,T Queen, Quiksilver, Review, Runway Scout, Rodeo, Revival, Ripcurl, River Island, Rose Bullet, Roxy, Rubi, Rusty, Rockwear & Rockmans, Saint and Secrets, Seed, Slide Show, Sheike, Shein, Surf Brands, Sportsgirl, St Lenny, Subtitled, Superdry, Supre, Silent Theory, Teaberry, Steve Madden, Suzanne Grae, Summery Copenhagen, Street Denim (Lowes Brand) ​ T,U,V Target (Including "Designer" home brands from Target like T by Bettina Liana, Temt, Therapy Shoes, The Fifth, TopShop, Tokito, Tree of Life, Three of Something, The 1954 Denim ClubUniqlo, USED Denim & Universal Store Home brands, Valley Girl, VRG Girl & Verge Girl W,X,Y,Z Walker, White Closet, Witchery & Windsor Smith, Young Hearts , Zara We do not accept kidswear from any of the above brands listed plus Dimples, Baby Baby We will no longer be accepting Cecilie, Copenhagen or Summery Copenhagen

Kids brands we DON'T accept: We do not accept kidswear from any of the adult brands listed plus; Dimples, Baby Baby


Size inclusivity exemptions: (We are in need of sizes 14+)

We are completely aware of how hard it is to dress sustainably when you do not fit what the fashion industry deems as a “Standard” size so we are being more lenient with our selecting criteria for sizes 16+ so as long as the pieces are good quality in good condition, current season (winter items for winter) we would love to see them for inspection.

Some examples of the brands we will take if they are sizes 14 and over are: Princess Highway, Dangerfield & Witchery


Please note: We are still not accepting Fast Fashion Brands in Plus Sizes (think brands that go on heavy discount very quickly and that aren't made to last) so we won't accept brands like Millers, H & M, Tree of Life etc) 

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